Browser Drawing

D3 - Force Directed Graph

A visual project using Force Directed Graphs. This project tries to visualize how a neural network grows over time.


Travel Quotes

Practical mobile optimized questionaire for travel agents. The form supports many kinds of answer types including text lists, date pickers and more. Ty can easily update a new form for your specific needs.


Terrium - Build, Battle & Explore

A beautifully crafted game, where you take the driver's seat to build, battle and explore. Ty worked as the network engineer to hook up the Login and World menu forms and as well as his custom built RESTFUL API to handle world data.


CoffeeLux Raleigh Cafe Discovery

Ty's experience with javascript libraries allowed him to pick up Facebook's React tool. Building a dashboard to track coffee consumption throughout Raleigh is easy with React!

React JS

Facebook's React Library

Leveraging the internet giant company's latest tool, React is by far one of the best tools for organizing the frontend of a complex app. Reach out to Ty to see how he can integrate React into your app!

Node JS

MultiGame Server

The MultiGame Server is built on top of Node JS, allowing clients to save and load game data like terrains, trees, roads, and spawn points. Terrium was the first game client to consume this API and we expect many more to come!

Ecommerce Wordpress

Ecommerce Demo

Ty can help you get up and running fast with a wordpress ecommerce site.